Sunday, December 23, 2012

Never Leaving Your Side....

ESkin-nAtural Skin by Teru_k (MTS), Eyes by Watermelon field, Brows by Shock & Shame, Beauty Mark by PralineSims (TSR), Hair by Newsea, Lips by IN3S, Tattoos by Vasilla, Earrings by Land of Woe, Neckklace by LemonLeaf, Shoes and Pants by Jasumi's Blog, Sweater by DarkoSIMS3
BAD Skin by Navetsea Skin: The Sims 3 skin mods, Brows by Shock & Shame, Eyes n1 by S-Club Privee, Lips by IN3S, Top by DarkoSIMS3, EA Hair (The Alex)

Sliders: Ori Nose Shape slider,Bella3lek4’s Face Sliders_Jonha’s Body Sliders_Heiret Chin to Neck Slider, Jasumi Fat Lip and Hermi’s Lip Slider,#awt Nose & Brow/Jaw slider, CmarNYC slider hackX4, Dimples Slider by Julia Sims of Awesome
Hope you guys like them as much as I do!!!


  1. Hehe... Tyler is an eyecatcher, wish he had Kyle´s ears though ^^

  2. Oh thank you Annasommer! I'm very happy to hear from you! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!!!

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  4. Ooops, typos- sorry... once again..
    Thank you, I am - I am among the lucky ones who don´t have to work until the 27th, yay! And you know I like your sims. Constant style but still individual features, that´s not easy to achieve! Great job Cho.
    How´s your holiday so far? Hope you are having lots of fun with frieds and family :-)

  5. Just a question, how/where do i get the hairy version of Tyler's skin if there is one? In game his body hair looks like maxis' low detailed..thanks

  6. @Anon, Tyler's skin is Eskin-natural at MTS and thank you for pointing out his body hair! It's actually CC that I forgot to put down in the list of CC! Its from MTS as well by a creator named TummyZa.

  7. Bit of old news... but thought I would go ahead and say it here anyways...
    While I adore most your guys, Tyler is by far my favorite. <3

  8. Hi Just one question. Does your simspack include the cc content or do I have to download it seperately? Thanx Carima