Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seasons Greetings!

A Guy For Every Season!
Skin by teru k weak (MTS), Hair by Lapiz's Scrapyard, Eyes by Lemonleaf No. 16 clear eyes, Eye bags by KittyKlan, Brows by Roanjena, Beauty mark by Pralinesims(TSR), EA Clothing(LN)

Skin by Joedy_76, Hair by Space Umbrella (Tumblr), Facial hair by Simple Life, Brows by XM Sims, Eye bags by KittyKlan, Eyes by Breyete's Blog, Lips by IN3S' Little Place, Beauty mark by Pralinesims(TSR), EA Clothing(Base,SN)

Skin by teru k Asia skin, Eyes by Lemonleaf, Facial hair by Simply Kitsch, Brows by Ephemera, Tattoos/Eye bags by KittyKlan, Jeans by LorandiaSims3, EA Hair/Clothing(Base, LN,Gen.)

Skin by teru k freckle (MTS), Eyes by Watermelon field, Brows by XM Sims, Eye bags by KittyKlan, Swim suit by R2M Creations, EA Hair/Clothing(Base,LN)

Sliders: Ori Nose Shape slider,Bella3lek4’s Face Sliders_Jonha’s Body Sliders_Heiret Chin to Neck Slider, Jasumi Fat Lip and Hermi’s Lip Slider,#awt Nose & Brow/Jaw slider, CmarNYC slider hackX4

Enjoy you guys!
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  1. Веаutiful sim!

  2. I really hate to ask this and sound like the dummy but can you tell me how to download one of these guys I tried to download and unzip but it won't work? I really do not know how to download these rar files I usually download customs file and plus I have no Idea what I am doing on this site either first time I have been on so, if you think it's a big too much you want to deal with no problem if not, then thanks for your help in advance!

  3. Is the cc included or do I have to download it separately?
    Ramon is georgous!

  4. Thanks everyone! @salemgrace, I have WinRar, its a program that opens up rar files or I could try to upload them to the exchange but my launcher just doesn't like me! Or I could email you the package file of the guys you want! Just let me know and I'll try my best to deliver!

    @ElinJansson, Thank you! Yes you would have to find the CC mentioned, I like to respect the creator's and have their page seen and their items downloaded straight from them. Besides I think its a great way to discover new CC and truly appreciate any creator! If you have any problems looking for an item don't hesitate to ask me!
    Hope that helped guys and again I'll see if I can upload some of these guys onto the exchange!

  5. Hi I too have winrar but I dont know what to do with the package, I mean where do I extract it to? the custom downloads I put in my downloads and just double click and they automacally go to my launcher and download but with the zip files they don't seem to like me LOL! if you can direct me in the way to where to extract these to I may be able to figure out the rest, maybe? LOL! If you send them to me they would be zipped files as well right? Thanks for your help and wow! you are an awesome creator!! I have never seen such good looking guys on sims! Great Job!! Do you work professionally doing this? or just for fun because you probably could get a job with EA! in my opinion.

  6. Okay, I give up! I have tried every single way to download this through my winrar and this file just does not want to do anything! so, if you have any suggestions I am all ears! thanks for your help in advance! Btw, I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  7. Thank you! I wish I was working for EA, but I do this for the fun of it!
    I think I know what going on. When you extract the the sim file from the rar. you need to manually place the file in you saved sims folder for the sim to show up in your game! So it would look like this
    The .sim file goes into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saved Sims
    So what I usually do is extract my .sim file to my desktop then open up my Saved Sims file and cut and paste!
    I'm also in the process of attempting to put them on the exchange (cross my fingers) and here is my Sims 3 page http://www.thesims3.com/userExchange.html?selectedAsstType=all&persona=chobits

  8. Thank you for your patience I am trying what you suggested although I do not have a saved sims folder only saves folder and what is in that folder is my family I am playing with now, since I have not really downloaded anything into my game since I lost all my downloads and family last time I had problems with my sims3 so, you are number one I am trying to download. You know I love the sims so much but it always seems that everything that could go wrong with it does with me LOL! Anyway, I am glad you are getting a site on the exchange but thats another problem ever since I had problems with my sims 3 it actually was with origin I was not able to download last patch so I had to call EA they helped me alright they made me lose all my downloads, my family I had been workiing on for two months and now I can't even get on the exchange everytime I try it says "ooos sorry something is wrong can't find page with a sim on page so, see what a mess I am LOL! thank you all your help you have been really patient and kind with me.

  9. Its no hassle at all! The way to create a Saved Sims folder is to go into create a Sim (CAS) and create a sim and save it, that will create a Saved Sims folder for your game! I'm truly sad that you are having so many difficulties with EA! I hope this works for you!

  10. Okay, so, I went in CAS and created a sim I can't say that I hit any button that said save but I did click accept sim, I still don't have a saved sim file so I am going to go back in create another one and see if there is a folder or something that says save this sim then I will save it, hopefully, that will work and thank you for being so helpful! Would you happen to have any ideas why I can't get on the exhcange website anymore? LOL! I can get on launcher and store but not exchange, go figure! LOL!

  11. I wouldn't know anything about the exchange issue. Sorry, but when you want to save a Sim in CAS you will notice the 3 little dots on Sims portrait click on that, then a menu will pop up, which will give you options. One option will look like a folder click on the folder and save your sim to the sim bin. Doing that will create your SavedSims Folder. Once you saved the Sim just follow the directions I gave earlier! Please contact if you run into any more problems!

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