Friday, July 22, 2011

Gentlemen Calling!

River was "inspired" by River Viiperi.
EA/Store Hair and Clothes, Underwear by LadyFrontbum, Lip Lines, Eyes, Beauty Mark by Pralinesims', PeggySkinTone
EA/Store Hair, facial hair and Clothes, Skin Tone by Ephemera’s Blog, Eyes, lip lines, chest hair

EA/Store Clothes, hair, brows, Peggy Skintone, facial hair, eyes, lip lines, tattoo
My first Elf, so I had to attempt Fenris from Dragon Age 2!
EA hair and clothes, Skin Tone by Ephemera’s Blog, XM brows, lip lines, eyes, formal wear, sword

All these manly men use these CAS Sliders
Face Sliders
_Ear Slider_Body Sliders_Cleft Slider_Height Slider_Chin to Neck Slider
The .sim file goes into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saved Sims
Have Fun with these guys and I hope you all like them!!!


  1. River is so gorgeous. You always make men to steal my heart. But please get them women away from River, i am very jealous. Thank you for sharing. Just checked out the Model River, he is cute.

  2. River is a very nice sim, but the file is corrupt.

  3. I just fixed it, Thanks Anon^!!! Thanks Sackgirl!!

  4. Marco is to die for, I must have this sim in my game, thankyou so much, you are truly talented :D :D

  5. Ugh! Your sims are so hot!! I love your male sims, you are very good!

    Armand is my favorite. He is so gorgeous and very sharp looking. I love that!

  6. o h river sure is gorgous wow, armand is yummy , i love how dark and handsome he is . marco pretty good too. have them all in the game savedsim folder , so hope to play them very soon today. thanks so much for uploading them , it quite a treat! excellent sim creations as ever!

  7. Yay, handsome sims!!! Thank you!

  8. OOHHHH!!I love the last guy!He's awesome XD!

  9. Fenris! I love DA2 so he'll be going in my game immediately :D

  10. Thank you all for the amazing comments! I truly appreciate the positive feedback!!!

  11. Soooooooooo yummy.Thanks they are keepers.

  12. First off all your sims are wonderful. I want to use River but he keeps crashing my game :( Would it be too much to ask for a cc free version of him. I've noticed that default replacement skins can sometimes cause problems. I would like to keep my hood norm of 90% chobits' sims and 10% other. :)

  13. OMG!River Viiperi is my favorite male model!!
    So thank you for a ''sims3'' version of him!:DD

  14. OK...First off I have to apologize for River! He did not want to be shared for a lot of people! I finally got him on the exchange! I think what was causing so much trouble was some CC so I stripped him (lol) from all that so basically the only CC on him would be the skin and brows! If you want him to look the way he does in the pics you have to download the other CC! Don't want Peggy skin, or have it installed and he shows up all black in CAS, try switching skintones and hair to make him show properly, then save him in your bin! I know its a lot but creating him was not an easy task too! I apologize again for the inconvienence!!!