Sunday, February 10, 2013

You and Me Forever.....

Skin by Ladyfrontbum, Hair by Newsea, Brows by XM Sims, Eyes by Ephemera, Chest Hair by TummyZa (MTS), Eye baggage by KittyKlan, Cheek pores by Shyne, Lipstick by IN3S, EA Facial hair, Clothing (Late Night,70's, 80's, 90's)

Skin by teru_k(MTS), Eyes by S-Club N2, Scar by I like the Sims(Tumblr), Facial hair by Creature Fear, Eye bag circle by Tifa, EA Hair, Pants

Ori Nose Shape slider,Bella3lek4’s Face Sliders_Jonha’s Body Sliders_Heiret Chin to Neck Slider, Jasumi Fat Lip and Hermi’s Lip Slider,#awt Nose & Brow/Jaw slider, CmarNYC slider hackX4, Dimples Slider by Julia Sims of Awesome
Hope you guys like them as much as I do!!!


  1. Whoo for new Chobits boys!!!
    Both are quite stunning, and together they look like they are up for some trouble.

    Wonder how they would look vamp-ed out... >D

  2. Wow the first one is incredibly manly, very hot! =p A real man! <3
    thank you a lot ;)

  3. Thank you Derotis! I will have to find out! Now that I'll have more free time now!!!
    Thanks Anony, glad you like him!

  4. Wow they both look great! What Ladyfrontbum skin did you use for Jack? The one i have's abs don't line up with the You Are Real texture replacements.