Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Velvet skin by LadyFrontbum Sims & Stuff, Eyes by Eyes by Breyete&Sims, Brows by Arisuka (MTS), Facial hair by bocboc256 (MTS), Eye baggage & Tattoo by KittyKlan, EA Hair/Clothing

Skin by TummyZa, Eyes by Sasha, Facial hair by Simple Life, Brows by IMHO, Beauty mark by Pralinesims, Eye baggage by KittyKlan, Shirt by R2M Creations, EA Hair/Clothing
All these Gentlemen use these CAS Sliders
Face Sliders
_Ear Slider_Body Sliders_Height Slider_Chin to Neck Slider_#awt Nose & Jaw/Brow slider
The .sim file goes into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saved Sims
Have Fun with these guys and I hope you all like them!!!


  1. Victory is stunning! You make fine male Sims.

  2. handsome guys! i love victorys hair, but i can´t find it. So maybe you can write the links under the pictures? that would be nice...:)

  3. oh..I have found it...the hair is from "Showtime" :)

  4. Good looking guys, Chobits! Kind of makes me wish I used sliders! ;)

  5. @Anom, I'll keep that in mind for the next time, thanks!
    @Rob, the sliders make a world of difference, give sims more personalty, I think if you download them that they will be the same but don't change any of their facial properties or they'll snap back to basic slider ranges! Thanks for the comment you guys!!!

  6. Wow!I love them!The pics looks great too :D

  7. Good lookins boys!
    I love their facil hair! :)

    And the tattos... OMG!

  8. how do you download the chin to neck sliders? I can't find anything selectable on the site but the notice which basically refreshes the page

  9. Sorry about that anon! Sadly the site that offered the slider closed but here is a link to someone that already set it up to share with others! http://www.mediafire.com/?wre2vxhkto31sfb
    If that doesn't work, you might want to google it. Good luck!!!