Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Love!

 Skin by Teru_k E-skin nAtural, Eyes by Brnt Waffles Ephemera MS93 Edit,
Brows by Ephemera, Hair by Lapiz's Scrapyard, Blush by Shyne, Glasses by Tamo, Shorts by Juliana(Ace Creators) , Underwear by AfterDusk Sims, EA Clothing(Base, IP, UL, NL, Seasons)

All My Sliders!
XCAS core mod x4



  1. Absolutely great! How do you acquire the underwear, however? After Dusk Sims seems to be invite only and has no contact info to request the needed invite....

    1. Thank you! That must of just happened! I can't even go into the site! :( Hope it reopens! Thanks for telling me!

    2. Heyo, it's BWK from AfterDusk Sims, our blog is closed to fix some hotlinking issues. We will be open on 7/24. And thanks for using our underwear :D

    3. Yay! I'm glad you guys are back, love your sites stuff!

  2. Replies
    1. Ha! I just had to include that shot!!!

  3. Hi!
    I love your blog and all your post, but i have a question.
    Can you join to observers on my blog, please?
    Thanks ;)
    If you want, add my banner :)

  4. It is very pretty and has a charming blue eyes :) also very nice pictures ♥ I love the sea. I wish you a nice weekend. Hugs

  5. First, let me say that it is always a treat to look at your wonderful male sims, they always look so manly to me :) Wonderful♥ in the mean time , i would like to thank you for stopping by my page to comment my Eyebrows creation. I appreciate it a lot!!!!. Have a wonderful day or evening!!!